Walking Tours

If you’re a visitor or unfamiliar with the area, the two best ways to explore Chinatown on foot is guided walking tours or self-guided walkabouts.

Whether you strike out on your own "walkabout" or join a group tour, please remember to frequently look up from the street level while walking around the district. Many of the old buildings have been restored and renovated on the street level, but the original façade and completion date can often be seen on the second story. They reveal Chinatown’s history, and offer us a glimpse into the past. For more information on the rest of Honolulu visit Neighborhoodfind.com

Chinese guardians on top of the green tiled canopy of the Alger Foundation Building on Hotel Street.

Architectural Character

Tsung Tsin Association Building - A number of Chinese organizations located in Chinatown are on the second floor of historic buildings.

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