Year Of the Rabbit

The Detached Rabbit - The “Artful Dodger” in the Year of the Rooster

During 2005 Rabbits are compelled to re-establish contact with old friends. Aloof singles are overcome by sentimentality and powerfully drawn to past romantic interests. Reflect upon "unfinished business." Financial improvement is a great help to love. Your social reputation will be on the mend and those Rabbit/Cats whose careers concern the performing arts (solo) will be especially favored. Those who utilize imagination and creativity whether it be in business or in pleasure, will enjoy success and popularity. Don't neglect regular exercise, be vigilant about your health, and be cautious of your weight which will fluctuate this year. Your judgment in financial matters is clouded in 2005, so hold off on any investments for the time being. Define your personal boundaries and require more information prior to signing any agreements. Time is on your side. Do not make any hasty decisions during this clash of energies between the Rooster and yourself.

Sign Characteristics

The Rabbit is born under the signs of virtue and prudence. The Rabbit attaches a great importance to his home and will often spend a great deal of money and time to furnish it, maintain it, and update it. He (or she) enjoys his creature comforts. He is a collector and derives much pleasure from collecting antiques, stamps, art, coins, or anything else that interests him. The Rabbit loves to entertain and exhibit his collections. He does not collect or display with a pretentious "show off" attitude but honestly enjoys sharing these things which give him great pleasure,. He hopes that his collections in turn might give his friends some pleasure as well. He enjoys the finer things in life and usually has very good taste. He will gravitate to the finest clothes and the finest restaurants in town.

The Rabbit is methodical and conscientious. He makes a good lawyer, diplomat, administrator or priest. He is the most excellent of communicators and excels in any job in which he can show- case his remarkable skill in this area. He tends to be loyal to his employers and makes the best employee an employer could imagine. He is honest, respected by all and has a high degree of integrity. If the Rabbit ever finds himself in a position of great power he will expect these traits in those who work under him and can become authoritarian. He is a witty and intelligent speaker and loves to be in a good discussion. He is always discreet and diplomatic and can be relied on to preserve the peace in an argument and never to raise his voice in anger. He avoids confrontation and will let insults slide to keep the peace.

The Rabbit likes to think out a problem and does not like to be rushed into making a quick and sudden decision. He hates to be in a situation that is fraught with tension. He is a cautious planner and does not like to take risks. Basically, he likes a secure, calm and stable environment without change. He is always happy to leave things just as they are. You will not find the Rabbit picketing with signs for a change in the status quo.

The Rabbit is not the most faithful of signs when it comes to marriage. He is best suited to the Ram, Snake, Pig and Ox. Due to his sociable and easy-going manner he can also get along with another Rabbit, the Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, and Dog. He will feel ill-at-ease with the Rat and the Rooster as both these signs tend to want to confront and speak their minds in a critical way. The Rabbit loathes any form of criticism or unpleasantness.

The Rabbit will rarely be short of admirers and will often have several serious romances before settling down. Having a " significant other" in his life will be very important to him even if he is not faithful. The Rabbit takes considerable care with his appearance. Much time and effort is put into looking smart and well turned out. You will not see a Rabbit underdressed for an occasion. As a matter of fact, he will be chic and appropriately dressed at all times for any occasion. Both the female and male Rabbit wish to be more than average looking and use everything at their disposal to become more attractive. The Rabbit believes if he was not born conforming to society's idea of beauty then there must be a way around this impediment. He (or she) will then strive to be the best dressed, the best spoken, the best groomed, the wittiest conversationalist, ect. And you know what? He usually is the best.

Rabbit & Rat
While the Rabbit is introverted and sweet and the Rat is extroverted and brazen, these two make for a good mating. This pair makes good friends and lovers. Their overall compatibility rating is 70%
Rabbit & Ox
The Ox and the Pig make a great match as lovers. They will draw the best of each out into the open. Their overall compatibility rating is 70%
Rabbit & Tiger
The Rabbit and Tiger may be too different to develop a deep, lasting relationship. The Rabbit may not be able to stand up to the domineering Tiger. While the Tiger would not purposely hurt the Rabbit, as lovers the Rabbit will be constantly worried about the depth of their relationship. Their overall compatibility rating is 40%
Rabbit & Rabbit
Two Rabbits make an ideal pair. Neither will dominate the other while being mutually loving in a way that each instinctively understands. Their overall compatibility rating is 80%
Rabbit & Dragon
The Dragon and the Rabbit form sound relationships because their differences compliment each other. As lovers, they have the potential to create a very deep, satisfying relationship.Their overall compatibility rating is 70%
Rabbit & Snake
While in many ways opposites, the Rabbit and the Snake go well together. As lovers they have the potential to create a deep emotional and sensual bond. Their overall compatibility rating is 70%
Rabbit & Horse
The Rabbit and the Horse will have to work at building a fulfilling relationship. The high strung Horse may well run all over the Rabbit. As lovers the Horse will have to foresake some independence to ease the Rabbit's fears. Conversely, the Rabbit will have to understand the Horse is a free spirit by nature. Their overall compatibility rating is 50%
Rabbit & Ram/Goat
The Goat and the Rabbit make a pair that is almost certain to succeed! Their soulful temperments are very much alike. As lovers they have the potential to create a deep, emotional bond few are fortunate to ever know. Their overall compatibility rating is 90%
Rabbit & Monkey
The Monkey and the Rabbit are near opposites to one another, which means a successful relationship between the two will take considerable work. Their overall compatibility rating is 40%
Rabbit & Rooster
Since the Rabbit and the Rooster are opposites on the Chinese Horoscope, they will have to work very hard to create a fulfilling relationship which can be sustained. As lovers the Rooster's need for control and penchant for nagging may well chase the Rabbit away. Their overall compatibility rating is 20%

Rabbit & Dog
The Rabbit and the Dog have the potential to create a very strong, lasting bond. They will find each other totally trustworthy and truly appreciate each other's persona. As lovers, they will enjoy a passionate, intensely intimate union. Their overall compatibility rating is 80%
Rabbit & Pig
The Rabbit and the Pig are capable of a very strong, satisfying union. As lovers the passionate Rabbit and sensual Pig are hard to top. Their overall compatibility rating is 90%

Ideal Jobs Include:
Antique dealer, Diplomat, Administrator, Interior decorator, Politician, Historian, Art collector, Barrister, Tailor, Receptionist, Chemist, Landlord, Pharmacist, Beautician, Accountant, Librarian.

Lucky Numbers:
1, 3, 5, 9, 15, 19 and 35.

Famous Rabbits include:

Albert Einstein, Andy Warhol, Angelina Jolie, Anjelica Huston, Arthur Miller, Arturo Toscanini, Bob Hope, Brad Pitt, Brigitte Nielsen, Confucius, Drew Barrymore, Elisabeth Shue, Francis Ford Coppola, Frank Sinatra, George C. Scott, Helen Hunt, Henry James, James Galway, James Garfield James K. Polk, Jane Seymour, Jet Li, John Adams, John Cleese, John Hurt, Johnny Depp, Judy Collins, Kate Winslet, Longfellow, Martin Luther, Michael Keaton, Ming-Na Wen, Nicolas Cage, Orson Wells, Queen Victoria, Quentin Tarantino, Sting, Tatum O'Neal, Tori Amos, Walt Whitman, Wilbur Wright and William McKinley.

Content excerpted from Shelly Wu's Chinese Astrology website - Horoscope Artwork from The Chinese Horoscope Lbrary, Kwok Man Ho

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